What’s that old saying….while the cat’s away, the mice will play?  That sounds about right.  My husband went out-of-town this weekend, so I immediately took advantage of the lack of supervision.  I kept my plan a secret all week and didn’t even trust my cat to keep it quiet.  I was devious.  I was conniving. The need had to be satisfied….

Yes…The front door was in desperate need of a paint job!  Our poor front door hadn’t been repainted since we moved in.  There was still a spot on the upper right-hand side that was left over from a wasp’s nest we knocked down three years ago!  It seemed like a simple enough home maintenance project to attempt while supervising a 5-year-old child and a 4-year-old English retriever.  Because, seriously, how long could it possibly take to paint a 3×7.5 foot door?  Well, if you count the “drying time” and that it took 3 coats to cover up the original black paint,  apparently it takes about 9 hours.  I also failed to consider that I would be unable to actually shut the front door for this entire period of time…

Oh! Did I forget to mention that I (actually “we”…my 5 year old was very instrumental in the color selection) decided to repaint the door turquoise?  Black is just so…well…black.  Its the safe choice.  And sometimes….I just want to live dangerously….so turquoise it was!  The above picture was taken after the first coat was applied.  Three hours later…..


…the paint was dry enough to add the second coat.  And 2 hours after that coat was applied, I added a third.  All the while the door sat wide open…the dog kept trying to get out…the feral, outdoor cat kept trying to come in….the kindergartener kept trying to get out….the bugs kept trying to get in.  Somewhere around 8 o’clock that night I gave up.  I had to shut the door…especially after I saw a mosquito the size of Rhode Island hovering around the chandelier in my dining room.  I left the painters tape on the door jamb, crossed my fingers that the paint wouldn’t stick and locked the door.

I woke up the next morning and quickly checked out how my door had fared overnight.  To my surprise…the paint had apparently dried enough the night before that it had not left any marks on the door jamb.  The paint was no longer tacky, so I removed the painters tape and hung up my autumn wreath.  I loved how the orange and red berries stood out against the turquoise.  The entryway just felt much more inviting.  Not to mention the bright blue added the perfect amount of color to break up the sea of beige.

So now, the only thing left was to wait.  My husband would be home in approximately 3 hours, so mum was the word until he arrived (I know…that was pretty corny…but I couldn’t help myself!)  To my surprise (yet again), he loved it!  Now… to sell him on the idea of painting our bedroom charcoal gray…wish me luck!