So, today I decided to make a topiary.  Actually the idea hit me the instant I rested my eyes on this little beauty during my last trip to the Goodwill Store…

After a quick trip to JoAnn Fabrics, I gathered together my supplies, and got to work…

This little project was ridiculously easy and crazy cheap…here’s the cost breakdown:

White, ceramic urn                           $.59

Bag of styrofoam balls                     2.49

Bag of Moss                                        2.99

Glue gun & glue                                Free (I already had this)

Stick                                                      Free (from my backyard)


Total                                                   $6.07 

(way cheaper than the $30 you’d pay for one at Ballard Designs or Pottery Barn, right?)

First, I shaved down the sides of one of the styrofoam balls so that it fit snuggly inside the urn…

Next, using the hot-glue gun, I adhered moss to the styrofoam, making sure to cover it up entirely…

Starting to look pretty good, right?  Next, I stuck the stick into the center of the moss and placed the second styrofoam ball on top.  I decided not to glue the second ball to the stick in order to make it easier to switch it out with the change of seasons (or holidays.)  For example, I could take the moss-ball off and replace it with a cranberry-covered ball for Christmas, a conversation-heart-covered ball for Valentine’s Day, or tiny, silk flowers for Spring…

The last step was to glue moss to the top ball, and….voila!

So…you might be wondering where do those little, yellow, pollen-spore-looking things (in the picture of supplies at the beginning of this post) fit in?  Well, originally, I attempted to glue those to the top styrofoam ball instead of the moss, but ran out of them just shy of finishing.  Instead, I opted for the moss (which I actually like better than the little yellow spore-thingy’s!)