This is a follow-up post to the one announcing the winning paint color for our bedroom walls.  I know that the other contestant (Benjamin Moore Gray) may not have been the fan favorite, and I think the reason for that may be because such a dark color (on the blog it appeared black) is a little intimidating for some folks.  So here are a few examples of black walls in almost every room setting.  With just the right amount of contrasting white (or other bright color) in these rooms, the black walls look sophisticated and elegant (as opposed to dreary and cave-like)….

The large white couch and panel help to break up the black walls in this living room

The white backsplash and pendant lights do the same thing for this kitchen

Black also works well in dining rooms…


and even bathrooms.

My favorite thing about black walls is how they seem to make even the most mundane, framed,white, matted print look dramatic and important.  I also love that by adding the tiniest hint of color, it catches your eye instantly (like the green flowers in the living room picture or the red border in the bedding in the bedroom pic above.)

So, have I had any affect on you, anti-dark-paint voters, out there??  Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it…(you know what they always say!!)