Hopefully, you all had a tummy-filling and thankful holiday last week.  I know I sure did.  And, as usual, it went by so fast  I found myself back in my little work cubicle today as if it had all been a dream.  I apologize for not posting for a few weeks, but we were/are having some technical difficulties with our laptop (and…as I say this… I better press the “save” button ’cause who knows how long I’ve got left on this thing…it could crash again any minute!) But, as for what I’ve been doing in the meantime….

Now that the weather can finally be considered agreeable (atleast here in Florida), I’ve had the itch to spend most of my day outside.  That’s what I love about winter in Florida…fewer bugs, lower temperatures and more dinners on the porch.  While I’d love to say the picture below is of my porch, sadly it is not….

 No…my porch has been taken over by my cat’s litter box and my daughter’s plastic toys (mainly her sandbox.)  Lets just say…its difficult to smell the mandeville vine past the kitty litter. 

My husband and I never really spent any moola trying to dress-up our back porch.  Basically, all the furniture leftovers end up there (a la the misfit toys in the movie “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”)  We had a wicker table and chair set from my in-laws, but you had to sit at your own risk, since the woven wicker seat was holding on by a thread.  We also had a small wood conversation set with faded cushions from my college apartment.  Up until recently we enjoyed the back porch…but definitely shied away from inviting guests to an al fresco dinner.

For our daughter’s birthday party, we decided to move our wicker living room furniture outside to the porch to  provide extra seating…its been there ever since.  Our outdoor cat and her “belongings” got the temporary boot for the party and the “sit-at-your-own-risk” chairs got the permanent boot.

My mother recently upgraded her back porch and, of course…we received the discards….

For some reason, this dining set always reminded me of something you would find in an old fashioned ice cream shop.  So I used that as my inspiration when selecting colors and fabric to make it over. First, I picked up 4 bottles of Rustoleum spray paint from walmart.  I had the hardest time selecting a fabric for the seat cushions, until I stumbled across a shower curtain in World Market that was exactly what I was looking for (and had mold-resistance to boot!) I removed the back cushion, as well.   Here is the end result…..

Now, if only I could get the rest of my porch to match this dining set!