I love DIY Christmas decorations.  For the  last few years, I have made ornaments and decorations for my home and for gifts.  There have definitely been a few hits and misses.  My cone-shaped yarn christmas trees-a hit.  My green pipe cleaner monogram ornaments with stick-on jewels-a miss.  In all honesty, they were supposed to look like Christmas wreaths in the shape of letters, but ended up looking more like a green sparkly blob.

But the one I’m about to tell you about is almost too simple.  I came across the idea while browsing Apartment Therapy, an awesome interior design blog if you’ve never heard of it:

I already had the yarn (left over from the yarn christmas trees from two years ago) and, of course, sticks are free (just pulled a few dead ones off the tree in my front yard–where everything is dead now-a-days thanks to the record-breaking cold snap we had last week!)  A free project…that make-e me very happy!  Especially since my paycheck this time of year is spent before I even deposit it!

With no further ado, the instructions:

Step 1:  Wind the yarn around your hand 100 times.  This will give you approximately a baseball-sized pom-pom.  Wind it around two fingers (or your child’s hand) for a golfball-sized pom-pom.  Make sure not to wrap too tightly or else it will be difficult to remove it from your hand intact. For the smaller pom-poms, you can wrap the yarn around 75-80 times and still get the same fluffy effect.


Step 2:  Use another piece of yarn (of the same color) to tie the wound ball of yarn down the middle.  It is important to make sure that you tie it tight and exactly in the middle.  Now you should have loops on the top and bottom. 


Step 3:  Using scissors, cut the loops down the middle on both sides.  If you plan to hang the pom-pom, leave one loop un-cut.



Step 4:  Trim the pom-pom for a more uniform look.  You don’t have to do this step if you prefer the more disheveled look.

I decided to hang my pom-poms, of varying sizes and colors on my free twigs.  I grouped the twigs together in a vase so that they swayed in one direction.  I also used jingle bells (left over from yet another homemade Christmas decoration of yore) as filler for the bottom of the vase.

As you can see, I haven’t exactly found a spot to put this little creation of mine.  For now it is sitting on our kitchen island. 

You could also use the pom-poms as Christmas ornaments, hair bows, key fobs, etc. 

Are any of you planning to make your own Christmas decorations this year?  I’d love to hear about it!

You can also find a more professional-looking tutorial on how to do the above project here.