I just thought I would share some of the beautiful canopy ideas I found on Pinterest over the last few months.  So without further ado….a little eye candy for your Tuesday afternoon:

I love this beautiful iron daybed with attached canopy from here (its slide 30). I imagine you could achieve this look rather easily with three small curtain rods attached to the ceiling with string/ribbon/chains, etc… and a sheer white fabric draped over them.  This picture actually served as the inspiration for my daughter’s current bedroom design.

This bed, from here, looks similar to the Italian campaign bed from Anthropologie.  But if you don’t happen to have an extra two grand hanging around, you could probably get this same look with the quilting ring and sheer fabric panel idea I posted on Sunday.

I just love this one, from here. Its like a really girly tent!

Or this canopy/tent/reading nook (from here.)

I also love this one (from here) with the floral trim.  (Would save you $140 if you diy’d it!)

I’m also loving this cornice idea, with the fabric panels attached to the inside (from here.)

And last, but not least, this adorable canopy made from floral sheers (from here.)

Feeling inspired yet? 🙂