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Flying Rainbow Unicorn Princess

What happens when your six-year-old daughter wants to be Bumblebee from Transformers for Halloween?

You do everything in your power to convince her to be something else.  Even if that something else happens to be a flying rainbow unicorn princess (a la Princess Celestia from My Little Ponies.)

But after many fruitless searches on Google for a cute child’s unicorn costume….I gave up and decided I would attempt to DIY one.   I wasn’t sure were to start…so I just kind of improvised as I went along.  I was in the midst of making a tutu skirt for Elle’s tea table, when I got the bright idea that I could make a half-skirt for the unicorn’s tail.  It then dawned on me that I could use the same technique for the unicorn mane, but around a headband.

While at Old Navy, I picked up a pair of white sweatpants and a white tank top on clearance, as well as some white flipflops.  Then I grabbed 3 yards of white felt and some yellow felt with an adhesive backing from JoAnn Fabrics.  I used the yellow felt to make the arm and leg cuffs, the necklace, and crown.  I also picked up some silver sequins and plastic jewels to embellish the wings, crown and necklace.

The unicorn horn took a little ingenuity.  At first I thought I could paper mache it, but in the end I just used poster board, white felt and some white yarn.  I attached it to the crown with velcro dots.

The wings took the most engineering.  I cut the shapes from a piece of white foam board and then attached them with a untwisted hanger and duct tape.  Let’s just say that method was an epic fail!  Next up I tried a wooden dowel cut in half and spraypainted white.  Success!  I covered the dowels and foamboard with 2 layers of the white felt and then traced the outline of the inner-wing with sequins.  I tied two ribbon loops for her arms to go through and the wings were done!

For a final touch, I cut out “hooves” from some extra white felt and glued them to the flip-flops (see above.)  And… I added a little facepaint…

There you go….princess celestia!  I think I can classify my first attempt at DIY’ing my child’s Halloween costume a success!


Lost in the Maize

This post is actually about a family trip to the Sykes Farm corn maze we made a few weeks ago.  I’ve been trying to make an effort to post things as they occur, but I was having major writer’s block when it came to writing something about this little adventure.  I nearly gave up today.  All I could think of was a mundane description like, “Elle made a beeline for the giant corn popper and then eventually found her way over to the farm animals.”  Boring.  But I didn’t want to throw out the post because the pictures and the experience made me feel like I had been somehow transported to the photo shoot location for an Anthropologie Fall/Winter catalogue.  Instead, I decided to just let the pictures do the talking.  So, in honor of one of the best tv shows ever made, here’s what happened…

We went to the corn maze and saw pigs roosters, goats, and bunnies, jumped on a large jumpy-thing, went through a corn maze, rode on a hay ride….yada…yada…yada…we went home. (For those of you who did not watch Seinfield–that was a Seinfield reference.)


We had a really great time (with the exception of the one point in the maze when we discovered we were going in circles, the sun was setting, and no one  had a flashlight, except for on our iPhones.)  We made it out obviously. 🙂

Halloween and Stuff…

I visit what seems like a gazillion design blogs and online shelter mags everyday.  I get email updates from Etsy and I waste countless hours perusing Pinterest. That being said, I’ve found some really wonderful and unique Halloween decor ideas as well as other autumn-ready inspiration for my home.  I know its been officially Fall for a month now, but in Florida it really just started to feel like it this week–a forcasted high of 67 here in Jacksonville on Wednesday!  I know if you live in Michigan, you are probably laughing at me right now.  Anyhoo…let’s get started with some fabulous pumpkin ideas:


Black and white pumpkins…part creepy, part chic! I like it!


and speaking of chic… about a sequin pumpkin?


 Mod pumpkins.  Looks like  tape and paint.  Easy peasey.



 Monogram pumpkins.  I did this last year…its a really simple technique that I plan to post about next week.


I’ve been coveting these yarn pumpkins for a while now.  I’m not really sure what I’m waiting for either…I’ve got yarn.  I’ve got styrofoam balls.  I’ve got natural fiber rope.  I think I’ll filnally have to make these this year.


I love spray paint just as much as the next right-brained artsy-crafty type…and these golden pumpkins and gourds would totally satisfy the need!   Chevron and checkerboard pattern…awesome.


And speaking of golden, how beautiful is this golden monogram and wreath from etsy?  I think the wreath has been sold, but you could achieve this look rather easily with baby’s breath, for example.


Felt is huge this year, it seams, and there are an endless number of crafts using the stuff….I am in love with this felt day of the dead skull garland.  Who knew skeletons could be so dang cute!


 And how about some felt ball garland…in an assortment of autumn colors?  Apartment Therapy just had a recent post on some unique fall colors….including navy and salmon….which would work well in this project.


And speaking of felt balls….how about these adorable acorns!  This would make for an interesting bowl/vase filler.


and felt leaves too.


I love this idea…a thankful tree!  Each day leading up to Thanksgiving, each family member writes down what they are thankful for on “leaf” paper and hangs it on the tree.  On Thanksgiving, all of the leaves can be read aloud.  LOVE IT!

from laclassedellamaestravalentina.

The Qtip painting project above was a winner at my house this weekend.  My daughter got creative with hers by adding a sky and grass, with a few random dots of an unexpected color.  These masterpieces were definitely fridge-worthy!  And even I got a little carried away with my own picture just trying to show Elle how this technique works.


This project was originally meant for a wedding idea (guests pressed their painted finger onto the tree.)  But I think this is a wonderful fall art project for kids and a beautiful keepsake.  It would even make a great placemat if laminated or done on fabric.  The picture actually links to the tree template.  Just print and you’re ready to go!

I wish I had time to attempt all of these projects, but since I’m making my daughter’s Halloween costume this year, my time is fairly consumed with that up until the 31st.  I will definitely post on the progress of her costume soon! So stay tuned! If any of you are planning on making decorations for fall, Halloween, etc….please share!


I love DIY Christmas decorations.  For the  last few years, I have made ornaments and decorations for my home and for gifts.  There have definitely been a few hits and misses.  My cone-shaped yarn christmas trees-a hit.  My green pipe cleaner monogram ornaments with stick-on jewels-a miss.  In all honesty, they were supposed to look like Christmas wreaths in the shape of letters, but ended up looking more like a green sparkly blob.

But the one I’m about to tell you about is almost too simple.  I came across the idea while browsing Apartment Therapy, an awesome interior design blog if you’ve never heard of it:

I already had the yarn (left over from the yarn christmas trees from two years ago) and, of course, sticks are free (just pulled a few dead ones off the tree in my front yard–where everything is dead now-a-days thanks to the record-breaking cold snap we had last week!)  A free project…that make-e me very happy!  Especially since my paycheck this time of year is spent before I even deposit it!

With no further ado, the instructions:

Step 1:  Wind the yarn around your hand 100 times.  This will give you approximately a baseball-sized pom-pom.  Wind it around two fingers (or your child’s hand) for a golfball-sized pom-pom.  Make sure not to wrap too tightly or else it will be difficult to remove it from your hand intact. For the smaller pom-poms, you can wrap the yarn around 75-80 times and still get the same fluffy effect.


Step 2:  Use another piece of yarn (of the same color) to tie the wound ball of yarn down the middle.  It is important to make sure that you tie it tight and exactly in the middle.  Now you should have loops on the top and bottom. 


Step 3:  Using scissors, cut the loops down the middle on both sides.  If you plan to hang the pom-pom, leave one loop un-cut.



Step 4:  Trim the pom-pom for a more uniform look.  You don’t have to do this step if you prefer the more disheveled look.

I decided to hang my pom-poms, of varying sizes and colors on my free twigs.  I grouped the twigs together in a vase so that they swayed in one direction.  I also used jingle bells (left over from yet another homemade Christmas decoration of yore) as filler for the bottom of the vase.

As you can see, I haven’t exactly found a spot to put this little creation of mine.  For now it is sitting on our kitchen island. 

You could also use the pom-poms as Christmas ornaments, hair bows, key fobs, etc. 

Are any of you planning to make your own Christmas decorations this year?  I’d love to hear about it!

You can also find a more professional-looking tutorial on how to do the above project here.

Getting Ready for Fall (Part I)

Last weekend, my husband finally got our rubbermade bin, marked “Fall,” down from our very own “leaning tower of Pisa” of rubbermade bins,  precariously balanced atop one another in our garage.  I always get a little excited to open up these seasonal decorating bins, since they usually contain items I haven’t seen in…well…a year (except for in 2006 when we didn’t take down the majority of our Christmas decor until February. I’m so not exaggerating!)   Actually, I think we were to blame for our HOA instituting a cut-off date for taking down seasonal decorations.

Anyway, I have taken a few pictures of the decorating I’ve done so far.  Remember that foyer I just jazzed-up a couple of weeks ago?  I had a lot of fun decking that out for Fall….


I love tiny white pumpkins and I thought they would look great perched upon one of my unused candlesticks, similar to those shells-on-a-pedestal that are so popular in beachy decor…

Next, I filled a small candle holder with those little, yellow spore-thingy’s that I scrapped from my topiary project…


The next decorating touch came from my daughter, surprisingly!  (She’s a natural, I tell ‘ya!)  She guilted me into buying her a nest and eggs from JoAnn’s, while we were there picking up some fake pumpkins.  When she unintentionally placed her nest and eggs on the shelf in the foyer, I took a double-take…it looked great there.  Unable to convince her to keep her little treasure there permanently, we were back in the car a few days later on our way to JoAnn’s to buy mommy a nest and eggs of her very own!

I also filled the empty pedestal dish with tiny gourds and pumpkins, and added my little fall leaf candy dish to finish off the look.  In addition to the foyer, I also added a few autumn-themed touches to my dining room.  I absolutley loved the way the unraveled berry wreath looked in my enormous pasta bowl…

Since this is still a work in progress, I will continue to post updates on my seasonal decor change over the next couple of weeks.  If you  have any fall decorating ideas, I would love to hear about them!

By the way, I love hearing your comments…so keep them coming.  And please subscribe to this blog if you want to stay up-to-date!