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On the Subject of Canopies

I just thought I would share some of the beautiful canopy ideas I found on Pinterest over the last few months.  So without further ado….a little eye candy for your Tuesday afternoon:

I love this beautiful iron daybed with attached canopy from here (its slide 30). I imagine you could achieve this look rather easily with three small curtain rods attached to the ceiling with string/ribbon/chains, etc… and a sheer white fabric draped over them.  This picture actually served as the inspiration for my daughter’s current bedroom design.

This bed, from here, looks similar to the Italian campaign bed from Anthropologie.  But if you don’t happen to have an extra two grand hanging around, you could probably get this same look with the quilting ring and sheer fabric panel idea I posted on Sunday.

I just love this one, from here. Its like a really girly tent!

Or this canopy/tent/reading nook (from here.)

I also love this one (from here) with the floral trim.  (Would save you $140 if you diy’d it!)

I’m also loving this cornice idea, with the fabric panels attached to the inside (from here.)

And last, but not least, this adorable canopy made from floral sheers (from here.)

Feeling inspired yet? 🙂


Sheer Bliss

I decided to humor the left side of my brain yesterday by doing a project I’ve been planning for oooohhh…. about two years now:  a princess canopy for my daughter’s bed.  I’m not sure if I subconsciously remembered the method for this project from one of the many magazines/blogs/tv shows I’ve seen over the years, but I’d like to think its an original idea:

Its pretty simple, really.  All you need is approximately 6 yards of glittery sheer fabric (depending on how tall your ceiling is), a large quilting ring, 1 spool of 1-inch ribbon trim, 6 feet of 3-inch ribbon, an acrylic ring (like the ones used to hang scarves in a department store), and craft glue.

I first measured the distance around the quilting ring and then cut the 1-inch trim to that measurement.  Then I glued the ribbon trim to the outside of the outer part of the quilting ring.

Next, I cut the 3-inch ribbon into two equal 3-foot pieces and tied them to the acrylic ring so that there were four 1.5 feet pieces hanging from the ring.

I marked four points on the inside of the outer part of the quilting ring at equal distances with a pencil, and then stapled the ribbon ends at those points.

Next, I rolled out the sheer fabric, folded it in half lengthwise, and placed the inner part of the quilting ring under the center point so that there was just under 9 feet of fabric on either side of the ring.

I fit the outer part of the quilting ring on top of the fabric to hold it in place and tightened the screw on the outside of the ring.

Finally, I hung the acrylic ring from ceiling hook centered over my daughter’s bed and tucked the ends under her mattress, and voila!

I may eventually tie the ends back to the wall with the same pink 3-inch ribbon or possibly do something similar to this from Serena & Lily.  But for now, I think my daughter is enjoying her new princess canopy just the way it is.

Note:  this canopy is certainly not capable of supporting the weight of a child if said child should choose to use the canopy in a way other than its intended (purely decorative) use (i.e. as a rope swing.)  I would recommend securing the panels of fabric to the wall or the posters of a bed if you decide to make this for a child under 5 years old.