What happens when your six-year-old daughter wants to be Bumblebee from Transformers for Halloween?

You do everything in your power to convince her to be something else.  Even if that something else happens to be a flying rainbow unicorn princess (a la Princess Celestia from My Little Ponies.)

But after many fruitless searches on Google for a cute child’s unicorn costume….I gave up and decided I would attempt to DIY one.   I wasn’t sure were to start…so I just kind of improvised as I went along.  I was in the midst of making a tutu skirt for Elle’s tea table, when I got the bright idea that I could make a half-skirt for the unicorn’s tail.  It then dawned on me that I could use the same technique for the unicorn mane, but around a headband.

While at Old Navy, I picked up a pair of white sweatpants and a white tank top on clearance, as well as some white flipflops.  Then I grabbed 3 yards of white felt and some yellow felt with an adhesive backing from JoAnn Fabrics.  I used the yellow felt to make the arm and leg cuffs, the necklace, and crown.  I also picked up some silver sequins and plastic jewels to embellish the wings, crown and necklace.

The unicorn horn took a little ingenuity.  At first I thought I could paper mache it, but in the end I just used poster board, white felt and some white yarn.  I attached it to the crown with velcro dots.

The wings took the most engineering.  I cut the shapes from a piece of white foam board and then attached them with a untwisted hanger and duct tape.  Let’s just say that method was an epic fail!  Next up I tried a wooden dowel cut in half and spraypainted white.  Success!  I covered the dowels and foamboard with 2 layers of the white felt and then traced the outline of the inner-wing with sequins.  I tied two ribbon loops for her arms to go through and the wings were done!

For a final touch, I cut out “hooves” from some extra white felt and glued them to the flip-flops (see above.)  And… I added a little facepaint…

There you go….princess celestia!  I think I can classify my first attempt at DIY’ing my child’s Halloween costume a success!