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Two Maids a Milking

Since we moved into our house over six years ago, there was one thing (technically two things) that I had planned on replacing from the get-go:  the two blonde-wood, run-of-the-mill bar stools I purchased from Target when I was in college…

But, here they were, over half a decade later, still tucked beneath our kitchen island….putting a damper on my home’s overall now-we-live-in-a-real-home-not-a-college-apartment aesthetic.  That was until I saw these multi-colored paint-dipped milking stools in an email I received from 2modern a month ago.  My first thought was that I could do that same paint treatment to my bar stools.  My second thought was…how was I actually going to achieve that dipped-in-a-vat-of-paint look without actually dipping the stools in a vat of paint.  Here was my solution:

I measured an equal distance halfway down each leg of the bar stool and wrapped them with blue painter’s tape.  In an effort to not waste painter’s tape I conjured up the bright idea to use a shopping bag to block any wayward spraypaint from landing below my tape-line.  A long story short…that was not the easiest solution.  On the second bar stool, I ended up taping plastic bags around the bottom of each leg.  When they finished drying, I peeled the tape off and they looked a little something like this…

Adding a little bit of color and interest to our otherwise monotone kitchen…


Sheer Bliss

I decided to humor the left side of my brain yesterday by doing a project I’ve been planning for oooohhh…. about two years now:  a princess canopy for my daughter’s bed.  I’m not sure if I subconsciously remembered the method for this project from one of the many magazines/blogs/tv shows I’ve seen over the years, but I’d like to think its an original idea:

Its pretty simple, really.  All you need is approximately 6 yards of glittery sheer fabric (depending on how tall your ceiling is), a large quilting ring, 1 spool of 1-inch ribbon trim, 6 feet of 3-inch ribbon, an acrylic ring (like the ones used to hang scarves in a department store), and craft glue.

I first measured the distance around the quilting ring and then cut the 1-inch trim to that measurement.  Then I glued the ribbon trim to the outside of the outer part of the quilting ring.

Next, I cut the 3-inch ribbon into two equal 3-foot pieces and tied them to the acrylic ring so that there were four 1.5 feet pieces hanging from the ring.

I marked four points on the inside of the outer part of the quilting ring at equal distances with a pencil, and then stapled the ribbon ends at those points.

Next, I rolled out the sheer fabric, folded it in half lengthwise, and placed the inner part of the quilting ring under the center point so that there was just under 9 feet of fabric on either side of the ring.

I fit the outer part of the quilting ring on top of the fabric to hold it in place and tightened the screw on the outside of the ring.

Finally, I hung the acrylic ring from ceiling hook centered over my daughter’s bed and tucked the ends under her mattress, and voila!

I may eventually tie the ends back to the wall with the same pink 3-inch ribbon or possibly do something similar to this from Serena & Lily.  But for now, I think my daughter is enjoying her new princess canopy just the way it is.

Note:  this canopy is certainly not capable of supporting the weight of a child if said child should choose to use the canopy in a way other than its intended (purely decorative) use (i.e. as a rope swing.)  I would recommend securing the panels of fabric to the wall or the posters of a bed if you decide to make this for a child under 5 years old.