This post is actually about a family trip to the Sykes Farm corn maze we made a few weeks ago.  I’ve been trying to make an effort to post things as they occur, but I was having major writer’s block when it came to writing something about this little adventure.  I nearly gave up today.  All I could think of was a mundane description like, “Elle made a beeline for the giant corn popper and then eventually found her way over to the farm animals.”  Boring.  But I didn’t want to throw out the post because the pictures and the experience made me feel like I had been somehow transported to the photo shoot location for an Anthropologie Fall/Winter catalogue.  Instead, I decided to just let the pictures do the talking.  So, in honor of one of the best tv shows ever made, here’s what happened…

We went to the corn maze and saw pigs roosters, goats, and bunnies, jumped on a large jumpy-thing, went through a corn maze, rode on a hay ride….yada…yada…yada…we went home. (For those of you who did not watch Seinfield–that was a Seinfield reference.)


We had a really great time (with the exception of the one point in the maze when we discovered we were going in circles, the sun was setting, and no one  had a flashlight, except for on our iPhones.)  We made it out obviously. 🙂